Bluefields Perú is a program that takes place within a protected natural area, allowing students the enjoyment of a peerless landscape, while understanding and enquiring for natural environment processes, own nature dynamics and their actors.   A path downhill through different thermal floors bring the opportunity to realize how vegetation and fauna change, while gathering some understanding about  glacial and Geology.  Social background is a constant work theme through the program, considering that the importance of this place comes from the late Inca civilization.  Meanwhile we will have the opportunity to relate ourselves with Incas and Aaymara communities.
Ruins, such as those of Machu Picchu, allow youngsters to identify the late civilization, their imaginary granting direct knowledge of the culture. This is a culture with a huge tradition, exquisite gastronomy, highest quality handcrafts and wool.  People in Perú are incredible human beings, ready to help and to bring in their country’s best image.
How important is the equipment requested in the packaging list?
Requested equipment is critical in order to keep risk to its minimum through the expedition. If by any reason is it is not possible for you to get any article, such as trekking boots or jackets, it has to be clear that they will have to be acquired at Cuzco. This program has a strong emphasis in good walking boots and clothes that protect you from cold.
Will you visit Machupicchu? Is it all inclusive?
Yes, we will visit Machu Picchu. Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu are included as well as the bus ticket to come down. Uphill, as proposed will be walking. If by any reason you don´t want to walk to Macchu Picchu, you will have to pay your own bus ticket to get there.
How much money should students take?
This is a tough answer for this destination as there are many interesting handcrafts to buy. Nevertheless, we strongly advise not to exceed 200 USD as pocket money. It is important to be aware that all meals, lodging and main transportation is included. Pocket money will be used only for buying handcrafts and pay for uphill bus ticket in case that it is required. (see previous question)